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Mindspark+ started as a thought in 2017, it was tested, matured and evolved into an ecosystem.

The main stimulus was the fact that the majority of Greece focuses too much on the identification with the ancient heritage left by enlightened people such as Plato and Aristotle and the “modern” one such as “Zorba”, which identified the Greek with the carefree life. And all this when we are not talking about sun, sea, flirting and Mediterranean cuisine.

Our position is that the past must be respected, preserved but not preserved. To be a core of inspiration and provide material for new discoveries.

Greece today is home to outstanding people who have contributed to the betterment of the world, science, technology and business. The majority of these people carry the Greek identity with pride and at every opportunity they are given they try to contribute. However, the common denominator in efforts to get leading Greeks from Greece and abroad to contribute was that they found “Glass Ceilings”.

This initiative was created to break the glass ceilings to unleash the potential and connect all these efforts and knowledge by creating a new centre. A new centre that will host a knowledge pool with the aim of creating an independent platform through which lessons, experiences and knowledge can be transferred. To create a new reality, the Greece of today, the Greece that seeks, that creates, that improves the world and believes that it can create a better tomorrow.

It started in 2017 as an initiative, a different event for entrepreneurship, marketing, innovative thinking and creativity, mainly aimed at promoting the idea of growth mindset. The first actions were to study the basic parameters of the Greek culture and to use this knowledge to create a model that will offer and activate stimuli in the “language” that the Greek audience understands and in the way they want. We wanted a FUN-EASY-POPULAR model.

The purpose was clear from the beginning. The creation of tools and stimuli that will help Greek entrepreneurs and executives to adopt a new growth-oriented mindset. Η The central challenge was to activate the inventiveness and creative nature of Greek entrepreneurs, through stimuli and tools that will orient these skills in the right direction. The direction that will allow the public to overcome the cultural barriers that lead to “me2innovations”, entrepreneurship of opportunity, opportunism and short-term business plans.

The model has gone through stages of development and experimentation and continues to evolve. It was designed to offer a progressive passage of the audience through the stages of recognition, questioning, demystification, supporting the unlearning and mobilisation of the change process.

To achieve this goal, the coordination team reached out to some of the most remarkable minds in the field of Marketingcommunication and creativity, the “Neurons” of Marketing, Communication and Creativity. Mindspark, who embraced the vision and contributed to its realisation. From 2017 to 2020, five events were held in three cities, attracting more than 1000 people and 35 neurons, while in 2018 the Mindspark was the central event of entrepreneurship at the TIF and was characterized as a leading event in the field of Marketing and communication.

With the advent of the pandemic, the Neurons of Mindspark from Greece and abroad, now making up the Advisory Βoard of Mindspark+ laid the foundations for a new vision. The evolution of the initiative into an ecosystem of “bright” minds, practical visionaries who will create a new collective dynamic that has the potential to break through glass ceilings.

The “+” today has the role of symbolically conveying the evolution of the initiative into an ecosystem and progressively more actions and forms of content and tools will be added.

Exceptional minds globally recognized for their respective expertise
The Extended Advisory Board at Mindspark Plus
Παναγιώτης Κετικίδης
Αντιπρόεδρος Έρευνας & Καινοτομίας CITY College, Ex. Board Member EBAN
Γιώργος Ατσαλάκης
Αν Καθηγητής Πολυτεχνείου Κρήτης Ειδικός Τεχνολογικής Πρόβλεψης
Αναστάσιος Τζήκας
Πρόεδρος ΔΕΘ, Πρόεδρος Technopolis ICT Business PARK
Πέτρος Σουκουλιάς
Digital Transformation Expert
Δρ Γιάννης Καλογεράκης
Εκπαιδευτής/Εμψυχωτής Στελεχών Επιχειρησεων
Peter Economides
Global Brand Strategist
Λεωνίδας Σκερλετόπουλος
Mindspark+ Co-ordinator, Communications & Marketing Professional
Θοδωρής Σπηλιώτης
Συγγραφέας, Θεμελιωτής Αθωνικού Management
Τοm Κατσιούλας
Technology Executive, Business & Ecosystem Strategist
Πρόεδρος & Ιδρύτρια ILT Logistics
Νικος Παναγιωτου
Αναπληρωτής Καθηγητής, ΑΠΘ, Τμήμα Δημοσιογραφίας και ΜΜΕ, Επικεφαλής DCN Global
Ηλίας Κυριακάκης
CIO, Πρώην Mέλος ΔΣ της GRECOTEL S.A..
Πρόδρομμος Μοναστηρίδης
Επικεφαλής Marketing & Χορηγιών - Μεγαρο Μουσικής Θεσσαλονίκης
Δημήτρης Σκουρογιάννης
Strategic Design Consultant Multidisciplinary Design – Experience Enhancement – Learning «Journeys»
Angela Makris
International Social Researcher, University of South Florida
Demetrios Yannakopoulos
IT Enterprise Architect & Consultant President ADEKA, LLC
MANOLIS george
Γιώργος Μανώλης
Manging Partner & Co-founder at ONELITY, IT Engineer
Ρούλα Τσιρτσίδου
Δικηγόρος, Πιστοποιημένη Διαμεσολαβήτρια, Πρόεδρος ΔΣ Αλεξανδρούπολης
Γιάννης Κεσσανλής
Economist, Registered Evaluator of Funding Proposals
Ελένη Σκερλετοπούλου
Καθηγήτρια Αγγλικής Γλώσσας, Language Administration Support Mindspark Plus
Φωτογραφία - Βασίλης Λουλές
Βασιλειος Λουλες
Εκπαιδευτικές πολιτιστικές δραστηριότητες & Σκηνοθεσία Κινηματογράφου
Ρανια Καμπουροπουλου
Brand & CSR Manager at ELINOIL S.A
Γενική Διευθύντρια Prosvasis SA
Στάθης Λοίζος
Σταθης Λοΐζος
Board Member ION SA & Navios Maritime Holdings Inc.
Ξένια Στεφάνου
Learning Growth Consultant
Marketing & Communications expert, specialised in Social Marketing (PGCert) & Crisis communications (CIPR)
Marina Hatsopoulos Growth Awards Headshot
Marina Hatsopoulos
Board Chair, Levitronix Technologies Speaker, Tedx
Tom Katsioulas
Technology Executive & Ecosystem Strategist
Συγγραφέας, Σύμβουλος επιχειρήσεων, Μέλος ΔΣ στις ΔΕΠΑ, Entersoft και Focus Bari
Ληδα Καραμπελα
Corporate Reputation Strategist, Leadership / Performance Coach