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Event Support+


The MIndspark+ coordination team and external partners have been tested in difficult and demanding conditions.

After 5 years of actions in small and large scale activities, a mix of partners has been created to ensure the best results in every event or activity.

Get access to multi-level support for the implementation of your activities


Hybrid or Webinar? See your content travel across popular digital channels boosting the reach and image of your action or operation. We support you every step of the way until the execution of your production.

Mindspark+ partners and team take care of the equipment and technical support for digital event, training or content production for podcats, video content etc.

design – organisation

Turnkey solutions for every action. Leverage the experience and potential of the Mindspark+ ecosystem.

You have access to multi-level support, from concept design and the selection of suitable suppliers, to equipment and technical issues.


Discover Greeks who, through their own perseverance and dedication to the goal, have contributed to the improvement of the world, science, technology and business.

Mindspark+ Speakers Bureau is a unique initiative that aims to create a bridge of knowledge between all Greeks. To create a platform where all the minds that have excelled around the world will come together.