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Workshop Overview

This workshop will offer you a complete overview of key elements of the fascinating and rewarding Business Angel world. Business Angels invest their own money into seed stage startup companies providing much-needed capital to bring new companies to market. Angels leverage their expertise to help new businesses grow and succeed, changing the economic future of an entire country/region by investing in small startup companies that eventually employ dozens of people. Everyone has their personal story of how they became Business Angel. Join us for a dynamic workshop discussion with a leading expert (Dr. Peter Cowley) to explore the basics of angel investing.

300.00Pay now

Workshop Outline

  1. What is an Angel investment?
  2. Who are Angel investors? – Where do they invest?
  3. Understanding the investment process (from start to finish)
  4. The importance of building a portfolio strategy
  5. Developing your investment criteria – key metrics?
  6. What does due diligence involve?
  7. Why it’s important to undertake due diligence before investing?
  8. Evaluating investment opportunities
  9. Leading deals and co-investing with other Business Angels
  10. The successful exit

Free Book to all participants

The workshop is addressed to active Business Angels and people who would like to explore the possibility of becoming a Business Angel (if they have 1. Work experience 2. Networking in their field of expertise; and 3. Money to invest )

Workshop Fee: 300 Euros

Language: English

Initiator/Host:  Hellenic Business Angels Network (HeBAN)

Date: Thursday 23rd November 2023

Time: 17.30 to 20:30

Venue: Filikis Etaireias 12 & I. Tsimiski 54621 Thessaloniki, GR


Brief CV: Mr Peter Cowley

Mr Cowley has invested in over 75 technology startups [17 positive exits (one of which at 107X, paying back all invested cash), 20 failures, 29 still living], and was chair of the Cambridge Angels,

U.K (invested >£45M in 2019), and a Fellow in Entrepreneurship at the University of Cambridge Judge Business School. He is President Emeritus of the European Business Angels Network EBAN and a board member of the Global Business Angels Network (GBAN), part of Global_Entrepreneurs_Network. Finally, Peter is an Author of the book “The Invested Investor: the new rules for start-ups, scale-ups and Angel investing”.


Filikis Etaireias 12 & I. Tsimiski 54621 THESSALONIKI, GR

Watch Mr Peter Cowley explaining the "Invested Investor"